Foods that average Americans eat daily

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Eating is a vital part of human existence, so all living things depend on food to survive, and people from different countries have different types of food they enjoy eating. America is a nation where more than 400 million people reside, so it’s difficult to know what all of them love to eat, but this piece will try to explain what an average American eat daily. Almost every meal prepared by an American will have either meat or potatoes in it, and it’s frequently called the “American Diet”. Americans include meat in their breakfast, lunch, and dinner, making it the most popular source of protein that they’re consuming daily. Anytime they’re not eating meat, then potatoes become the most common food that an average American is going to feed on.

Americans know the value of eating

Americans know the value of eating fresh fruits, so they’re likely to go for bananas which are available all year long due to superb storage facilities in America. An average American eats more than 3 fingers of banana every day, but they also enjoy other fruits like apples, grapes, plums, and oranges. Farmers in America grow enough fruits to serve every American citizen who likes to eat fruits, even American doctors advise people to eat more fruits. Bread is staple food in the US, so there are high chances that you’ll always find bread in the fridge of an American. Americans normally eat bread in sandwiches, but some times they’ll prefer to eat it alone with just butter or margarine. Just like in other parts of the world, an average American feeds on things like pasta or rice which are popular meals in America, and readily available for consumption. Americans, especially women, consume high amounts of calories in sweet cuisines like cake or cookies.

A study has shown that more

A study has shown that more than one quarter of American citizens are obese with a large proportion of that group being overweight, and this is because they consume too many sweets. The time for eating in America depends on the schedule that somebody has for the day, so most working-class citizens tend to eat breakfast before 6:30 am, while lunch can be anytime around 12 pm. Dinner normally comes around 6 pm when every family member has returned from work, and from school. Between these meals, Americans are known to eat snacks which can contribute to excess calories in their body. Breakfasts are normally meals that don’t take time to prepare, so Americans tend to go for cold cereal with milk as their morning food. People who have time to spare prepare breakfast with eggs and meat, accompanied by potatoes, so what is served for breakfast depends on available time.

Foods that average Americans eat daily

For lunch, an average American will go for a sandwich which has been like a tradition for a long time in America. Today, people prefer to take salad at lunch, yet sandwiches are still popular among Americans. Large pieces of meat are made available for dinner, meaning that it’s a time when most Americans eat more quantity of food. On the dinner table you’ll see cooked chicken, pork chops, a potato preparation served on the side, and desserts like cake. Going to the kitchen to prepare food is fading away because most Americans now prefer to buy packed food from grocery stores. This increase in patronizing food stores makes it easy to say that the most common food eaten by an average American is pizza.

In America, there are limitless supply of different types of food, meaning that the millions of people living there can crave for different foods at different times. With changing schedules, there are fewer people observing formal mealtimes, meaning that Americans now eat when they’re hungry, and they eat anything they want because quality food is not costly there. An average American has packaged schedules, so it’s normal to eat prepared foods from grocery stores, and they eat this every day. Pizza is the most popular for them, but there are other quick foods that average Americans go for when there is no time to prepare a meal at home. The type of food eaten in America depends largely on time of the day, and how tight the person’s schedule will be for that day.

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