Good survival foods for you

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Taking care of your body is your responsibility and do not expect anyone to do it for you. The things that you take can be good or can cause harming to your body. Care should be taken when choosing what we take to make sure that we maintain good health. Health people are productive, can carry out different exercises for them to live comfortable lives. You can create a chart where you chose what to eat and make sure it is balanced, a balanced diet is needed to provide the body with necessary nutrients for growth, development.

Vegetables have to be included in your meals, every meal should have a vegetable. They have nutrients in them, providing the body with nutrients protecting the body. You can take vegetables like spinach, kale, cabbages, beet leaves and others. There are fibers in vegetables that help with digestion of food reducing cases of constipation. Fruits contain vitamins that your body needs in large quantities, make sure to consume a different fruit each day. They strengthen your immune system reducing chances of you getting sick.

Energy giving foods have to be

Proteins help in building your body, without enough supply of proteins your body will grow and develop slowly. When taking your meals make sure proteins are included in your plate. Development of your body will happen when you take more of proteins. Great examples of the proteins are fish, milk, meat, cheese, chicken, eggs. Your body will grow, develop much better with intake of the body building foods. Legumes should also be included in your diet, they have so much to offer making your body strong, they include are beans, peas.

Energy giving foods have to be included in your diet to make sure your body is supplied with energy. The body needs energy to carry out different activities which a person needs to do to survive. Carbohydrates gives body strength to face the day head on, it is important you do not miss this in your meals to make sure you have enough supply of energy, they are bread, rice, corn and others. Fats and oils that you take contribute to the health of your body, take oils that are good for you. Avoids which are associated to health conditions, protect yourself.

Good survival foods for you

A survival situation needs supply of survival food so that a person can make it out of that challenge alive. Beans, kale, berries, barley, fish are some of foods that help a person to survive in a difficult situation. Healthy eating helps your body to escape certain health conditions like heart condition, diabetes, high blood pressure and others. People have to change their lifestyle, living a healthy one where a person takes only the things that are recommended. Alcohol, junk foods, smoking, drugs harm your body, they may lead you to an early grave. Take less of them so that your body can have supply of nutrients to keep it safe.

Seeds, nuts, garlic, coconut, oats, grain are some of the things to include in your diet. Make sure your body is supplied with enough food, do not deprive your body food since its what everybody is doing. Improve your eating behavior for the better to get a healthy body.

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