How does the media influence our food choices?

How does the media influence our food choices? post thumbnail image

How many times have you said that today you will eat a salad and then you changed your mind. After several minutes you have seen on TV or on a social network, an advertisement or a picture with a delicious pizza. At that moment the salad disappeared from your mind and was replaced with one of the two dishes you just saw.

Of course that in the end you ate a pizza or a burger because you craved when you saw them and you couldn’t resist the temptation. When you chose pizza or burger instead of salad, one thing happened, you were manipulated by the media to do it, without you realizing it.

Yes, it’s true, you were manipulated or influenced to change your initial choice by a simple advertisement. You do not have to feel embarrassed, we are all influenced by the media because these are its purposes, to manipulate and influence public opinion.

When the media meet the food

TV, internet, radio, magazines, newspapers, all are part of the media and all have the purpose of transmitting information. With texts, photos, videos or commercials, the media influences our choices every day and often manages to make us change our initial choices.

In our society, the media plays a crucial role, its presence being felt in all branches of social and economic life. All the efforts and actions that the media makes are focused on the effects it is trying to produce.

When the media meet the food industry everything starts to look and sound extraordinarily delicious. The food industry places a great deal of emphasis on commercials to promote their products and of course, they use the media for promotion. Tons of money are spent every day by food producers to promote their products.

To understand how the media influences

Food is the most important thing for people and the food industry is aware that the advertising to which people are exposed significantly influences their behavior. Many researchers argue that food advertising has a strong impact on food and obesity.

The researchers are also the ones who show us how the media influence our food choices. This is simple and is based on hunger and appetite because these are the things the media relies on when addressing the consumer.

To understand how the media influences your food choices, let’s take an example, as a donut. To advertise the donut, the media first takes a picture, then makes the donut a little more attractive using photoshop. The last step is to show it to the consumer as the perfect donut.

How does the media influence our food choices?

The consumer sees the donut from the advertisement and because of hunger or appetite, he wants it because it simply looks too good and too delicious and the next step he will take will be to buy it. The appetite or the hunger made the buyer to do exactly what the media wanted. He eats a donut without realizing that the donut does not look as good as the one in the advertisement.

So if you think that the decisions that you make are wholly yours, just think it over because you have certainly been influenced by something to make those decisions.

We live in a world of advertising, surrounded by temptations at every turn and encouraged by the media to give in to those temptations. After all, everything is a game of the mind, a game that the media knows very well how to play it.

However, the media can not be blamed for the choices you make because it does not force anyone to do anything. It is strictly your problem that you allowed to be influenced. When it comes to food, the media advertises so that it can influence a certain category of people, namely children and adolescents. These are the audience that can be influenced most easily, because they are the audience that can manipulate most easily.

This is how the media works, how it has always worked, through information and influence, addressing to different categories of people and most of the time the media gets what it wants. Next time you eat something just sit back and think about where you saw the food you were just eating and so you will know if you have or have not been influenced by the media.

Do not let yourself be manipulated by the media, just allow it to inform and entertain you.

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