Most Nutritious Meal For Poor People

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Growing up as a child wasn’t that easy for a 12-year-old Miriam who could barely have a meal to feed. There is way poor people live and you could hardly tell they are actually suffering. This was the case with the young lad who happens to grow up without a father. Poor people across different parts of the world especially in most less developed parts have adopted various means of feeding children with fruits and vegetables. The irony is that kids born from poor homes look much better than rich children. The rich have a lifestyle of feeding kids with all kinds of fast food which ends up destroying them. Some don’t even have time to cook at home, they spend time eating in restaurants.

To avoid having malnourished children, poor

To avoid having malnourished children, poor people often go for those little food items that can be afforded to avoid spending their little cash. In developing countries where poor people constitute about 60% of the population, several techniques are being used to feed children. There are families with less than $25 a month as monthly income from which they are expected to feed about 3 to 4 kids. This is usually not enough to cater for the whole family, vegetable is mostly consumed by these families.

Most Nutritious Meal For Poor People

Vegetable is known to contain a high nutritional value like vitamins and there is no limit to what the body can take as far as vitamins are concerned. Developing nations with high poverty levels do have a low standard of living. Rice have been a common meal that is consumed by a greater part of the population. Like in the case of Miriam mentioned above, the family had to live on rice and vegetable 4 times a week, this was the only meal that allow them to save some money for the children’s school fees. The mother also provided them with enough fruits to ensure a balanced diet. Some times they could manage to save $10 out of $25 monthly income.

Feeding well doesn’t necessarily require having much money, if this was the case then most children in developing nations would have died of malnutrition. People in this area have learned to stay away from expensive stuff like meat, pork, and chicken alongside canned fish which comes with many health implications. Vegetables are quite affordable by the poor, in fact, the majority of them do plant vegetables in this part of the planet. Since most of them may not have the money to buy rice which is a little expensive, after growing these vegetables, some will harvest and sell.

From there they can have enough to buy other food items like rice and fruits. When you take a look at kids that feed on vegetables you will hardly tell they are from poor homes. It also prevents them from getting sick easily because the vitamins derived helps to build up immune system. This has helped to rescue many homes and families who would have died of starvation because of inability to afford expensive meals for kids.

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