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People have different tastes for food, what may seem good for an individual may not be appropriate for others. There are those restricted to a particular diet, they eat what their doctor recommends whether they like it or not. Some times it is difficult to tell what the most favorite food is because some may like rice, others may go for hamburger while to some is beans. But, most Americans really don’t have time to cook because of their very busy schedule. Spending 2-hours to prepare a meal can be much time to sacrifice against making a few dollars in the stock exchange market. That’s why the average American will rather go for pizza because it is fast food.

America is a nation that consists of mostly foreign nationals from different parts of the world. Based on their cultural values, you’ll hardly find someone from a developing nation living in Texas to go for pizza or hamburger. People from this part of the world have a culture of cooking real food like yam, rice, and other traditional dishes. But, for a typical American, they are already used to taking light food.

In 2000, a family visited their

An American can take a cup of coffee with chocolates, and he is fine. He can go with that for several working hours without ever feeling hungry. Others may not cope with that, giving them chocolate, and perhaps coffee may just be like snacks. They’ll still want to take something heavy, majority of Americans love pizza, it looks attractive and spicy. For children, eating pizza every day will still be a delight. Preparing this kind of meal may not take up to 25-minutes, others who may have enough time can devote themselves to preparing much heavier food.

In 2000, a family visited their daughter in Wisconsin, United States from a developing nation. It was her 25 birthday, the parents decided to make a surprising visit. When they arrive after over 18-hours of flight time, both were tired and hungry. Normally in their country, women served their husbands with pounded yam and vegetables for breakfast.

Most Popular American Food

The father taught that was going to be the case, to his greatest surprise the child brought him uncooked vegetables and juice. That was salad the father taught it was meant for pets little did he know it was for him. Those who came for the party were really enjoying the salad and taking chocolate along with it. Of course, the parents had to return home the next day, it was difficult to cope with such a diet.

That is the issue with most individuals, the situation is even more complex in the US, diabetes, for instance, have their special meal by reason of their health conditions, others will prefer vegetables for various reasons, majority of Americans like pizza and chocolates. In fact, Americans can eat chocolates every day without ever losing their appetite. The good thing is that, in America, whatever you want to eat is available it doesn’t matter where you come from. Whether you are from China, Russia, UK, India, there are special restaurants to get what you want. You are not forced to eat American food, whatever your choice of food is, just place your order and you be served.

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