Why Meat is the Main Masai Poverty Food

Why Meat is the Main Masai Poverty Food post thumbnail image

Have you ever tried animal meat boiled with plant herbs? The Masai community know what it means to face poverty like a rich mogul. Being pastoralists, they heavily depend on animal products as their staple food. If you ever wanted to feel like a king among the poor lot, you should visit any humble family of the Masai community. Though considered poor, in fact, the second poorest tribe, their main recipe will certainly form a menu diet for business executives in exclusive ranch hotels. There should have been the Masai cuisine just like other world cuisines because, although it is prepared under rather open fire conditions, in the fields out there, the resulting taste is very delicious.

The cuisine consists of boiled meat

The cuisine consists of boiled meat together with a number of selected types of herbs and various sorts of tree barks with serve as traditional medicine. They do not believe in conventional medicine except in rare cases where things get out of hand. This will form a thick soup that tastes rather bitter but gives the meat an extraordinary taste unlike the conventional ways of preparing beef. It is boiled with fire prepared by firewood for long hours. This is to give it a well-combined taste from the different ingredients in the mixture. That can never be without the inclusion of roast meat. Here, meat is cut into large chunks and then a sharp stick is stuck into them.

After lighting a fire with huge

After lighting a fire with huge logs, those pieces are stuck into the ground around the fireplace while slightly tilted towards the flaming heat. The sticks are revolved around periodically to give enough heat to the roast meat to make it ready on all sides. After it is ready, it is cut into smaller pieces before being served with local ugali or in some instances it is taken just like that without any whole grain meal. it is very tasty compared to other types of roast meat you can find. Meat is soft, gamy and quite delicious that you may eat more than would be necessary. These are rare sorts of cuisine to find with the poor people when most cultures consider them foods for the rich. To complete the menu package for a single meal, you will have to drink milk from a gourd mixed with freshly boiled blood.

Why Meat is the Main Masai Poverty Food

Traditionally blood signifies the sacredness of Masai belief in pastoralism as a way of life. Animal life is so sacred that if you were found guilty of defiling an animal, your family would have to give several animals in return to appease the offended family. That is part of the oral laws that govern people here. Milk also forms part of the cuisine without which, a meal isn’t complete. During family gatherings, all the six basic meals must be prepared which will include honey, tree bark, milk, meat, blood and fat, prepared under cultural setting to deliver a unique traditional taste. In fact, meat roasting has become a world recipe with different cultures. You may have heard about roast meat with salad often times, that is a word borrowed from the Masai recipe.

Though considered poor, their diet remains mainly meat and animal products as opposed to other cultures who use mainly herbs durig famine. If you were poor but wanted to live a cosy life where you enjoy animals products as your main source of nutritions, you should start thinking of changing your ethnicity. All you will do, is own some herds of cattle, get yourself ” a thingira” which means a traditional house for yourself and get initiated into one of the groups of passage. From then on, you will begin to enjoy the rich-nutrient Maasai recipe. Because of their nutritional values, these people rarely get sick which is another advantage of this delicious cultural food.

It is rich and full of vitamins from the herbs used which include tree barks. You will find that as you continue using these kinds of foods, your health improves a lot. Most Maasai People never grow fat despite taking too much lean meat. This is because of the preparation methods that render it less fatty and unhealthy. The herbs used serve as medicine that are said to cure all kinds of diseases. Therefore, meat and other cattle products form the main staple food in some regions. In other regions it is food for the rich prepared under special conditions to signify class and pomp.

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